AMA-Manatt Profiles in Leadership 2022

“The fight to end the nation’s overdose epidemic and restore compassionate care: Profiles in leadership.” Read more how a select group of physicians, policymakers and patient advocates exemplify proven policies and actions that help save lives and improve outcomes for people with substance use disorders, patients with pain, and those who need harm reduction services.

2022 AMA Overdose Epidemic Report

Opioid prescribing continues downward trend while overdose and death related to illicitly manufactured fentanyl, methamphetamine and cocaine increase.

The AMA and Manatt Health 2022 State Toolkit

The AMA and Manatt Health 2022 State Toolkit identifies more than 400 state laws, regulations, policy guidance and other select national actions being implemented to help end the nation's drug overdose epidemic. We encourage all states to use this resource as a go-to guide to increase access to evidence-based treatment and save lives from overdose.

2021 AMA Overdose Epidemic Report

AMA calls on policymakers and others to remove barriers to evidence-based care for patients with pain and those with a substance use disorder.

AMA-Manatt Health 2020 National Policy Roadmap to End the Nation’s Drug Overdose Epidemic

This report provides leading-edge examples and best practices from 25+ states for policymakers to take action to help patients access evidence-based treatment to help patients and end the drug overdose epidemic.

AMA Opioid Task Force 2020 Progress Report

Sharp reductions in prescription opioid supply, continued increases in PDMP use, but staggering increase in fatalities involving illicit opioids, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine were demonstrated in 2019.

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