State Toolkit to End the Nation’s Drug Overdose Epidemic: Leading-Edge Actions and Strategies to Remove Barriers to Evidence-based Patient Care

The AMA and Manatt Health 2022 State Toolkit identifies more than 400 state laws, regulations, policy guidance and other select national actions being implemented to help end the nation’s drug overdose epidemic.

The resources of laws and policies in-action are organized across six key areas: 1. Increasing access to evidence-based treatments to help patients with an SUD. 2. Ensuring access to addiction medicine, psychiatrists and other trained physicians. 3, Enforcing mental health and SUD parity laws. 4. Improving access to multidisciplinary, multimodal care for patients with pain. 5. Expanding harm reduction efforts to reduce death and disease. 6. Improving monitoring and evaluation to inform evidence-based interventions.

The AMA and Manatt Health encourage all states to use this resource as a go-to guide for implementing actions to increase access to evidence-based treatment and save lives from overdose.

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