The AMA has collected more than 400 educational and other resources to provide evidence-based recommendations for physicians and policymakers.

Negative Stigma of Methadone

8 Hour Online MAT Waiver Training

At the conclusion of this activity, learners should be able to: Review addiction identification and evidence-based treatments. Discuss the pharmacology of opioids as it relates to treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) patients. Describe the fundamentals of office-based opioid treatment including the treatment of the co-morbid patient. Explain the process of buprenorphine induction as well as stabilization and maintenance. Discuss other approved antagonist and agonist medications to treat OUD. Discuss basic office protocols including medical record documentation and confidentially. Utilize evidence-based resources to ensure providers have the confidence to prescribe buprenorphine for patients with OUD. Apply for a MAT Waiver Training Certificate to begin treating patients with OUD.

The Role of Shame in Opioid Use Disorders

Stigma in Methadone and Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment

PCSS Education and Training Videos

Videos created with patients, family members and medical professionals.

Naloxone for Opioid Safety

Management of Opioid Withdrawal and Overdose II

Discussing Naloxone for Opioid Safety

Preparation and Administration of Extended-Release Naltrexone

Core curriculum: Treating Chronic Pain

A Primer on Antagonist-Based Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders in the Office Setting

Providers’ Clinical Support System For Medication Assisted Treatment

PCSS-MAT is comprehensive electronic repository of training materials and educational resources to support evidence-based treatment of opioid use disorder, including courses satisfying the DATA-2000 waiver.

AMA Opioid Task Force

The AMA Opioid Task Force urges physicians and other health care professions to continue taking action to help reverse the nation’s opioid epidemic—and the Task Force also calls on policymakers to take specific steps to remove barriers to evidence-based care for patients with pain and those with a substance use disorder.

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