The AMA has collected more than 400 educational and other resources to provide evidence-based recommendations for physicians and policymakers.

EQIPP: Substance Use – Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment

Poster on Safe Storage and Disposal of Medications

Available in both English and Spanish, this poster is meant to be hung in the pediatric office for families to see. It is designed specifically so that local resources can be written into the empty white space. The poster was disseminated at the 2017 National Conference and Exhibition, discussed in an October 2017 AAP News article, and is available upon request until quantities are depleted. Request copies here.

Webinar Recordings

With funding from the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, the AAP held a webinar series on preventing, identifying, and treating opioid dependence. Take special note of the “Take Home Points” document that accompanies each webinar. 1. Unraveling the Mystery of Acute and Chronic Pain in the Child & Adolescent 2. Putting the Pieces Together: Strategies for Pain Management 3. Co-Occurring Psychiatric Illness and Substance Use in Youth 4. Rational Pain Management in Children With Chronic Medical Conditions 5. Demystifying Buprenorphine Prescribing for Youth With Opioid Use Disorders 6. Understanding Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome for the General Pediatrician

Families Affected by Parental Substance Use

Pediatric Waiver Training

Pediatricians must complete 8 hours of training and apply for a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, to treat opioid use disorders in general medical settings. There are several options for training: Online 8-Hour Course AAP members can take the full 8-hour training online at Eight hours of CME credit will be awarded upon completion. Live 8-Hour Course If you are interested in delivering the 8-hour course in a live setting, OR you are interested in having an instructor travel to your location to give a live group training, email your request to [email protected]   Half Online / Half Live Option The course can be delivered in "halves." If you are interested in delivering this format, or want to request an instructor to deliver this format, email your request to [email protected]

Training Simulations: Behavioral Health Intervention with Adolescents

These training simulations are free to AAP members and provide participants with effective brief intervention techniques for addressing substance use and mental health concerns with adolescents. The virtual simulations, developed by Kognito, strive to increase comfort and improve the quality of care, ultimately leading to positive patient behavioral change. To access the course, go to 1. Create a new account 2. Follow the onscreen instructions 3. Choose your course 4. Click "LAUNCH”

State and National Fact Sheets

Access state-by-state and national fact sheets that examine the intersection of the opioid epidemic, child welfare systems, and child health. These fact sheets also offer policy solutions that can support vulnerable children and families at both the state and federal level.

Medicine Abuse Project

The AAP is a partner in this campaign, which was launched in 2012 by The Partnership at The Medicine Abuse Project aims to curb the abuse of medicine. The Web site houses a suite of comprehensive resources tailored to parents, health professionals, educators, and community leaders, to help them learn about and address the problem.

Promote Safe Storage and Disposal of Opioids and all Medications

Research-Based Clinical Strategies to Prevent and Address Adolescent Substance Use and Prescription Medication Misuse

The AAP was part of a coalition of medical professional organizations that developed this free online course. It is offered through two 30-minute sections and encourages prevention strategies for adolescents reporting no substance use and offers guidance for how to address substance use at all levels—from mild, to moderate, to severe. It also discusses safe prescribing practices and evidence-based treatments for teens with a substance use disorder. Brief clinician videos provide insights and tips to incorporate into practice.

Webinar Series: Pediatric Opioid Issues and Prevention Techniques

Testing for Drugs of Abuse in Children and Adolescents

AMA Substance Use and Pain Care Task Force

The AMA Substance Use and Pain Care Task Force urges physicians and other health care professions to continue taking action to help reverse the nation’s drug overdose epidemic—and the Task Force also calls on policymakers to take specific steps to remove barriers to evidence-based care for patients with pain and those with a substance use disorder.

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