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Prescriptions: 2013 - 2018


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The AMA encourages physicians to access the following education and training resources to help end your state’s opioid epidemic.

Issue brief: AMA, Colorado physicians, Manatt Health Pain Care Actuarial Analysis

This issue brief summarizes the findings of a recent AMA, Colorado Medical Society, Colorado Pain Society and Manatt Health report submitted to the Colorado Division of Insurance in support of multidisciplinary, multimodal pain care.

AMA CMS CPS Manatt RFI response to CO DOI

The American Medical Association, Colorado Medical Society, Colorado Pain Society and Manatt Health worked with Oliver Wyman to provide a detailed Request for Information to the Colorado Division of Insurance on the costs associated with the health coverage provisions proposed in Colorado House Bill 20-1085 that would have increased access to multidisciplinary, multimodal pain care.

Spotlight on Colorado

Colorado’s progress and recommended next steps to end the opioid epidemic

Spotlight on Colorado: Summary of Spotlight Analysis

Leading edge practices and next steps in reversing the opioid epidemic. Where Colorado is succeeding Next steps and recommendations

Lift the label

Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health

Colorado PDMP training guide

Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Take Meds Seriously

Education campaign

Prescription Drug Abuse

Resources from the Colorado Medical Society

Colorado PDMP Prescribing Guidelines

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